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Market Research by Yentzen Consulting

At Yentzen Consulting & Research we are always monitoring and investigating changes that could impact the national and global fruit and vegetable industry. Our studies seek to reveal the variables that will affect your business in the short, medium or long term.

We boast a network of leaders and a multidisciplinary research team, which along with our experience in the industry, allows us to offer assertive and robust studies that will strengthen your company within an increasingly competitive industry.

Studies that reveal how your client values your product or service within a market and context of competitors. We present you with opportunities, findings, critical points and strategies on how to improve.

Brand Perception Studies
Studies that allow you to gain in-depth knowledge of a potential or current market. Your attributes, drawbacks, opportunities and critical points are revealed and we offer you strategies for entering or increasing participation in the market.

Market Analysis Studies
Consultation, development and evaluation of business models for small and medium companies. Service provider for private or competitive funds (CORFO and SERCOTEC, among others).

Business Models
Studies with an industrial view of a product or service that reveal medium-term variables that will positively or negatively affect the industry.

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